Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Meaning of Life....

My mind is whirring right now, so might be kind of rambly. :o)

I started to type something funny, like "Before you get excited and think I have found the meaning of life...." But haven't I found the meaning of life? If I have a relationship with Jesus, I have. So why do I let other stuff get me down and wondering about life and its purpose?

This past Saturday Doug and I went to OKC to attend the funeral of the 32 year old son of a friend of mine. It was really sad. The service was nice and I know Eric had a relationship with God, but it was still sad. Sad to think about his 3 year old growing up without her daddy; sad to think of his wife losing the one she loves most; thinking about my friend losing her firstborn child. Yet even though he was so young, his life was SO full!

Afterward, I saw many friends that I used to work with in OKC. The most asked question was: "So...what do you do with yourself now that you're not working?" This is not one of my favorite questions. Although I always feel like I keep busy, I could not tell you much about what keeps me busy.

I was blessed to be able to stop working almost 3 years ago. WOW! It doesn't really seem like it's been that long! I have to say I LOVE not working! I love just being able to do whatever, whenever. I have enjoyed being in a women's Bible study, helping occasionally in the food pantry at church, helping my friends with babysitting, helping with Workshop....

So today, I had lunch with a friend. I have been thinking about what makes my life matter. What is important to me and am I doing something about it? It's popping up everywhere: in conversation, in magazines and blogs that I have been reading....and then there was that question: "so what do you do with yourself now that you're not working?"

I want my life to make a difference. I want it to make a difference in Doug's life. I want it to make a difference in B's life. I want it to make a difference in my friends and acquaintances. I want people to see a difference in me.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My husband mentioned to me last night that I hadn't blogged in a while. I seem to often need a nudge in this area of blogging. :o)

I've been thinking alot already about New Year's resolutions. My number one resolution that I am working on already is to not think so negatively about myself. It's not going to be easy because I have had almost 43 years of practice!

I suppose many might argue this next point, but I have got the absolute best husband in the whole world! He is SO patient and kind and generous and loving. I learn so much from him! He has blessed my life in ways that I didn't even know needed blessing! :o) I am thankful for him every day, but today, I wanted you to know.

Monday, December 04, 2006

OK...Seems I have been tagged by a "friend" to list six weird things about me. So I know I'm weird, but I was hoping no one else had noticed. :o)

So here we go:

1) When I fold towels, towels of the same color may not be stacked together.
2) I love salsa, ketchup, pizza sauce, etc....everything tomato-y, but NOT tomatoes.
3) Actually, I have many food issues. Eggs: I will only eat them scrambled HARD and can barely stand to be sitting with someone who is eating them fixed another way.
4) I love school/office supplies. (Post-It notes, pens, pencils, calendars...)
5) I am addicted to lip balm. At any given time, I may have 6-10 different lip balms in my purse.
6) I am a chronic ironer. I even iron something I am planning to wear underneath something else. (NOT my underwear though!) :o)

Hmmm...that was much easier than I anticipated....that can't be good!