Friday, June 09, 2006

I think I may have discovered the problem between wanting to blog and not knowing what to blog and then never getting around to it.

I feel like a broken record.

Things are really hard at our house. I guess most houses with teenagers are probably not exactly pleasant. We have one that goes between two homes with VERY different values, rules, etc. That can't be easy. And he is also very used to running the show at one house. Since he doesn't have that "privilege" at our house, he is choosing not to come over. While there are good things associated with that, the fact that it is breaking my husband/his father's heart doesn't go over too well with me. Add to that the fact that I don't know how, nor is there probably even a way to help my husband as he deals with all of this.

So my heart is kind of heavy. And things sometimes feel hopeless. Yet I know they aren't because God is in control.