Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I was supposed to have lunch with a friend today but it got canceled when her kiddoes got sick. I met Doug at our favorite place, Qdoba. :o) He told me that B was going to join us. He is getting a new apartment, so was telling us all about it. It was a very fun lunch! So I'm driving down Memorial on my way to Target and my phone rings. It's B. He says he doesn't know what I have going this afternoon, but would I mind meeting him before 4 to see the apartment, he really wants me to see it. :o) I said what about now? I am two cars behind you. So we met at the new place and the lady took us to see it. It's very nice, much brighter and more open than his current place. As I drove on to Target, my eyes filled with tears at the sweet day God gave me. He's so good!!!