Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well, one of my dear friends informed me that she was tired of me being in a funk and I needed a new blog post, so here I am. :o)

Life is good. Things with B have been really good lately, like the old kid is back. I like that. Example: my parents were here a few weeks ago. B loves my parents, always has. He seems to enjoy spending time with them. On their last day, we all met for breakfast. B was really chatty and fun, even after we got home. I thanked him for always being so nice to my parents. Now, typically, this kid does not accept compliments well, but here's what happened: 1) he looked me in the eye; 2) he SMILED at me; and 3) he said, "You're welcome". Needless to say, I am STILL smiling about that one! :o)

BSF has started back as well as small group. Now, I know you will all be shocked to hear this, but here goes: THERE'S A PLAN! WHO KNEW!? I LOVE IT! The study of Romans and the reading of The Purpose Driven Life have amazingly run together. Over the past month since my last blog, God has really shown me some stuff about me, some of it not so pretty. He's brought amazing people into my life for me to share things with and to give me some great advice. And then there's this preacher...Convicting and life-changing....The one thing that always worries me is that I'm going to forget after a while and go back to my selfish ways. Hold me accountable, OK?