Monday, February 14, 2011

Life has been a little tough in our world lately. This past Thursday was particularly rough and I was having a hard time getting to sleep. Growing up, my mom taught me to sing when I couldn't sleep. "Jesus Loves Me" has always been on the list, as it was this night. But another song came to mind, one of my favorite "old" songs, "Be with Me, Lord". It gave me peace and I finally fell asleep.

Yesterday, as the invitation was going on, Terry stopped and hugged Doug, telling him that he didn't know what was going on, but knew something was going on because of the look in his eyes. I was so touched by the exchange between Terry and Doug. As our friends surrounded us, the praise team started singing...."Be with Me, Lord". We NEVER sing that song! I just started bawling, KNOWING this was God telling me: "I heard you. I always hear you. And I'm right here." Our God is so personal! I felt more loved by God in that moment than I can even express! God is GOOD....ALL the time!