Thursday, August 31, 2006

I've been in a funk lately. Not really sure why, but tired of it. Funkiness happens, but for me, it doesn't typically last this long.

I went to the counselor today. It helped; as did time with friends last week. That's the funny thing: I was feeling friendless. I know, I know....but I was feeling it just the same. Anyway, life as a stepmom is much harder than I EVER anticipated! And I don't think I was totally unrealistic. One thing I DIDN'T anticipate at all was how much the ex-wife would be a part of our lives. Although, relatively speaking, this is a small part of our day to day lives, it permeates our WHOLE LIVES. It's like a dark cloud hanging over me. So, what I want to do is not let it permeate my whole life. I mean, I really have a great life.

I was reading Michelle's blog today and it really hit me. I have sought out every possible way to "fix" this and not spent time with, I mean REALLY SPEND time with, my Creator. And these words of wisdom from such a young one! :o) Boy, have I got a lot to learn!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A lot has happened since I last blogged. I traveled to Texas to see some dear friends and grew closer to another friend in the process. The day after I got home, my in-laws came for a visit. We had a fun time! The day after that, I learned that my grandfather died. Even though it wasn't totally a surprise, it still caught me off guard. That was on Saturday, July 29. So on Monday part of the in-laws left, and on Tuesday my mother-in-law left when we left for Iowa. It was a good trip, even though the circumstances weren't great. My husby got to meet my aunt and uncle from California and a cousin that he had never met. It was good to be together. And I have a cool story from the funeral.

My grandfather was a railroader for 38 years. During the service, I heard a train whistle. :o) I thought that was very cool and was talking to my parents and husby about it later, saying that I believe things like that are little hugs from God, letting us know that He is listening, that He is aware of what is going on. WELL, as I was saying that, WE HEARD A TRAIN WHISTLE! We all started laughing. It was like God was saying, "Amen, Sister!"

My stepson decided he was ready to come over on the weekends again, so he came last weekend. It went well; we hardly saw him! Of course, that is typical with a 16 year old.

I am finally getting excited for Workshop. I need to be: it will be here before we know it and there is LOTS to do!!!